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March 13, 2011

BOOK RELEASE "Rubbing Glances"

Rubbing Glances, RG#2

Authors : Céline Flécheux, Didier Laroque
Text : Nicolas Michelin

Artists : Benjamin Laurent-Aman, Marion Auburtin, Etienne Boulanger, Caroline Froissart, Sébastien Gouju, Harold Guérin, Simon Hitziger, Marie Husson, Marie Jouglet, Jean-François Robardet, Aïda Salahovic, Emilie Salquèbre, Philippe Tytgat

Graphic design : Simon Hitziger

French - 160 pages - 16 x 24 cm

ISBN : 978-2-917865-09-5

Edition : Les éditions du Parc - ENSA - Nancy, FR


25 euros


Rubbing Glances, RG#2 is an artists book which refers to the artistic interventions on the building site Artem of the 09/25/2010. This book introduces documents, architectural plans and pictures of the building site showing the works progress, photographs of the artworks presented on September 25 and many unpublished artistic illustrations. Two texts by the authors Didier Laroque and Céline Flécheux, and a contribution by Nicolas Michelin complete the book. This is an original and unique work, with the building site Artem as its main subject.

"...And the construction site is bustling with a spectacular energy. What is fascinating is its incredible plasticity, the impression that everything is to become there, that freedom has finally found its land. Crowds of passers-by often stop by and consider the huge machines through the eyes of a child ; the pistons, buckets and all kinds of rails move, noisy and colorful, performing actions which our bodies, as far as we are concerned, do not allow us to do. Construction sites always look like gigantic playgrounds that generate a lot of admiration...."
Céline Flécheux

More information > www.rubbingglances.wordpress.com/les-auteurs/