Buildering : Misbehaving the City
Cincinnati (US), 2014 - Houston (US), 2014

Subject Nijmegen (NL), 2014
NY-LUX Luxembourg (LU), 2014
Shots Nancy (FR), 2013
Eldadoro Maximum Strasbourg (FR), 2013
Horsd'oeuvre collection
...Annemasse (FR), 2011 -
Dijon (FR), 2012
...Lyon (FR), 2013 - La Motte-Servolex (FR), 2014
Rubbing Glances #3 Nancy (FR), 2011
infra muros Grenoble (FR), 2011
Celebration Berlin (DE), 2010
Géométrie Inversée Marseille (FR), 2010



Paysages Variations 2014
Alum 2014
NY-LUX 2014
Art & architecture 2013
Une décennie Octave Cowbell 2012
Edward Steichen Award 2011
The German Wall 2011
Maisons en kit 2011
Rubbing Glances #2 2011
Issue : Land 2010
5 ans de la Galerie HO 2010
Skulpturenpark 2010
Urban Interventions 2010
Space thinks 2009
Spacecraft 2 2009
Interventions en territoires flottants 2008



Subject - Gesprek Nijmegen (NL), 2014
L'envers de la ville Dijon (FR), 2014
A l'intérieur de la ville Nancy (FR), 2013
Manèges : Paysage urbain Versailles (FR), 2012
Good Game Aix-en-Provence (FR), 2010


September 15, 2014


collection of original editions by artists

Multiples & Co
from December 3, 2011 to February 4, 2012
> Villa du Parc, Annemasse (FR)

horsd'oeuvre collection
> from November 17, to December 22, 2012
Appartement / galerie Interface, Dijon (FR)

horsd'oeuvre collection -
à consommer sans modération

> from March 16, to April 27, 2013
L'attrape-Couleurs, Lyon

horsd'oeuvre collection - Editions d'artistes
> from September 18, to November 15, 2014
La Conciergerie, La Motte-Servolex

Artists : Robert Barry, Cécile Bart, Raphaël Boccanfuso, Etienne Bossut, Etienne Boulanger, Daniel Buren, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Philippe Cazal, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Claude Closky, Gérard Collin-Thiébaut, Jordi Colomer, Marc Couturier, Baptiste Debombourg, Wim Delvoye, Peter Downsbrough, Lise Duclaux, Jean Dupuy, Eric Duyckaerts, Ernest T., Vera Frenkel, Daniel Firman, Jochen Gerz, Thomas Hirschhorn, Joël Hubaut, Claude Lévèque, Christian Marclay, Mathieu Mercier, Guillaume Millet, Olivier Mosset, Gianni Motti, Orlan, Christian Robert-Tissot, Mathias Schweizer, Niek van de Steeg, Lawrence Weiner, Yan Pei-Ming


Villa du Parc
12 rue de Genève - 74100 Annemasse, France

Appartement / Galerie Interface
12 rue Chancelier de l'hospital- 21000 Dijon, France

L'attrape Couleurs
Place Henri Barbusse - 69009 Lyon, France

La Conciergerie
17 montée St-Jean - 73290 La Motte-Servolex, France


Interface is an association created in January 1992 in Dijon. In addition to the organization of exhibitions, a team was formed to create a newspaper on the news of contemporary art in Burgundy. The newspaper "horsd'œuvre" also aims to involve young artists and young critic.
By the desire to bring together different communities working for Contemporary Art, Interface also allows a better understanding of its own activities. This newspaper is printed in 5000 copies and is distributed in France, Switzerland and Belgium through deposits in art structures (FRAC , Palais de Tokyo, Paris galleries, art schools, etc.)

The first issue of horsd'oeuvre newspaper was published in 1997. "The title suggests the stimulation of appetites, a tantalizing promise of shared pleasures. Delights and seriousness are not incompatible."
From the No. 0 , the model is defined : a vertical format 420 x 297 mm , number of pages varies between eight and twelve, and a real place is given to the artists : "The aim is to inform and offer a critical reflection on contemporary art events. The originality of horsd'œuvre lies in the diversity of perspectives on contemporary art, its features, its challenges, its extensions which often feature a thematic approach. This kind of procedure without taking sides allows freedom of writing : interviews , commentaries, reviews, analyzes, and even poems, reflecting the plurality of individuals seen as a positive factor of expression and reflection. It is a priority to provide a writing space where everyone can choose a style, a tone, or a concept ... " 1

The front cover is offered to a young artist in each issue, and the center spread to an artist for a specific creation. This work is then reprinted in offset, between 33 and 200 copies, signed and numbered by the artist. Artists' editions from horsd'oeuvre newspaper now constitute an original collection that can be presented in its entirety, in different places and in different forms.

1 by Valérie Dupont and Laurence Cyrot in horsd’oeuvre n°20


more information > interface-horsdoeuvre.com or interface-art.com