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June 27, 2011

BOOK RELEASE "Maisons en kit"

Maisons en kit

Authors : Claude Vergnot-Kriegel, Carine Merlino et Étienne Delprat

French - 192 pages - 23 x 24,5 cm

ISBN : 978-286227-644-1

Published by Editions Alternatives
Collection AnArchitecture

May 2011

25 euros


As an individual or collective dwelling designed as a prefabricated model, the kit home transcribes the evolution of lifestyles: an appeal to ecology, small areas, industrial design... If prefabrication allows rapidity, simplicity of construction, modularity and scalability, do these qualities make kit homes the answer to the problems of our contemporary society?

Composed of four parts, the ambition of this book is to examine the return on the architectural scene of all kinds of kit houses through various "experiments and research on a new way to conceive the house" :
- Petite histoire des maisons du futur (A brief history of the houses of the future) introduces a synthesis of the history of the kit and prefabricated housing.
- Projets contemporains (Contemporary Projects) offers a wide range of realized contemporary houses, more or less in kit, presented in technical data sheets .
- Penser le kit autrement (To think the kit differently) proposes tracks of reflection on kit as a process, especially in contemporary art.
- Kits urbains (Urban kits) extends the panorama of social and artistic projects.

"...Between the body and the vacuum, it is the panel which will always make the shelter possible. Billboards acting as a facade for a hotel room. Standardized panels building the livable module and the volume of the room. Panels found, cut and assembled just to the size of wide opening gaps to accommodate the presence of the body, not more. ..."
Extract of URGENCE : L’habiter chez Etienne Boulanger (EMERGENCY: Living in according to Etienne Boulanger), by Célia Charvet.

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